Key items are non-equipment items that can give various equipment and combat boosts. Some key items are also necessary to access certain locations or to unlock other key items. 

Item Name Item Description Location Found Skill requirements Item requirements
Magearmor Ring All armor pieces get an AC boost based on the other two armor skills Silverpool Tides Speech 40 -
Ring of Echoes Roll for critical hit twice per attack Ardana Marketplace Unlock 40 -
Healing Pearl Recovery time after combat is reduced by 33% Crystalspire Forest - -
Guild Pass Allows entry into the Nomad's Guild outside of Vieda Port Vieda Port Speech 2 -
Shifting Cape Chance to dodge an attack +10% Ardana Residential Fist 5 -
Aura Fragment All weapons get a damage boost based on the other five weapon skills Crystalspire Forest Climb 40 -
Armorer's Hammer All armor pieces get +1 base AC Ardana Marketplace - -
Whetstone All weapons get a small damage boost Nomad's Guild - Own every weapon type
Blessed Shieldcrest Raises chance-to-block cap by 10% Sea of Hileo Endure 40 -
Hardening Oil All armor pieces get +1 base AC Elcot M Armor 10 -
Magnetic Dust The effects of LUK are slightly increased Farin's Delve - -
Boots of Speed Reduces world map travel time by 33% Sea of Hileo - -
Quicksilver Increases critical hit damage Burning Cloudsea Athlete 20 -
Adamantium Pebble Reduces respawn time a bit Rydale Keep - -
Amber Signet Chance of all equipment drops raised by 5% Cerrak - -
Shield Amulet Gives a 10% chance to trigger blocking when not using a shield Midnight's Reach Smash 40 -
Reinforced Seal The world is safe, and new adventures await in the depths of Siruvan.. Forest of Ice - All 8 seals
Sapphire Tail Reduces incoming damage by 2 Midnight's Reach - -
Crypt Key Reveals the Undercrypt on the world map Siruvan - Reinforced Seal
Crystal Sphere Highlights some undiscovered key items on the world map Siruvan - -
Trinket Thanks for playing! <3 Undercrypt - Dimensional Key
Dimensional Key The path is opened.. (Unlocks the Undercrypt's superboss) Undercrypt - Crypt Key
Snowflake Coin Hit Rate +10% Forest of Ice - -
Frozen Soul All weapons get +3 max damage Crimson Palace - -

Maps and SealsEdit

Maps are a special type of key item that unlock the possibility of finding seals. When all seals are collected, it allows you to unlock the final areas of the game.

Map Number Location Found Skill requirements Item Requirements
1 Silverpool Tides - -
2 Madras Speech 5 -
3 Ardana Slums -

Shifting Cape, Armorer's Hammer

4 Obsidian Grasslands Endure 10 -
5 Deadmoor Tower Unlock 10 -
6 Skyview - -
7 Ba'ryst Medic 17 -
8 Prismatic Delta - -
Seal Number Location Found Skill requirements Item requirements
1 Elcot - Map 4
2 Crimson Palace Smash 25 Map 5
3 Sea of Hileo Climb 25 Map 2
4 Rydale Keep -

Map 3 

Sapphire Tail

5 Farin's Delve - Map 6
6 Cerrak - Map 1
7 Burning Cloudsea Stealth 30 Map 7
8 Siruvan - Map 8